Wearing the hijab is a very big decision especially if you are living in a non-Muslim country. There are many stereotypes attached to the hijab. Firstly, women are thought to be from a backward household, and are thought to have been forced to wear the hijab and mostly it is seen as a symbol of oppression. Islamophobia is also on the rise which is why women can face social anxiety while wearing the hijab.

There are a few things you can do to overcome this anxiety. First and foremost you need to understand the true meaning of the hijab and the reason why you are adorning it. Some girls start the hijab early on in life without even realizing what importance it holds. In Islam, the hijab is a mandatory head-covering that Muslim women wear to please Allah Almighty.

Hijab Fashion5 Steps to Overcome Social Anxiety When Wearing the Hijab

1. Be Ready and Confident

The first thing you need to do is to be ready. Don’t just wear the hijab for the sake of it or to obey your elders. The hijab has to be worn for oneself. It is something between you and your God. So, only wear the hijab when you are fully ready and prepared to do so.

Once you are ready and understand the importance of the hijab, you will feel confident about it. Even if people around you are talking behind your back or making fun of you, you will know that pleasing God is much more important than worrying about such people and you will get the confidence to ignore them.

2. Have a Strong Support Group

Having people around you who share the same belief as you is very important. Even if you are the only Muslim in your school, college or workplace, you need to have people who understand why you wear the hijab and support you. Again, this boosts your confidence and when you are comfortable in the hijab, you can wear it anywhere, anytime.
A good support group is also important to help you “fit in”. Even if you have a single person supporting you, it becomes easy to mingle socially.

Cream Color Hijab3. Talk About it

Talking about the hijab socially also helps relieve anxiety. Talking about the hijab personally helped me a lot in gaining confidence. Whenever I had the opportunity, I would talk about it. People used to come up to me and ask me a million questions about the hijab and why I used to wear it.

It did get a little irritating talking about it again and again. But once I got it out of my system, I realized how misguided many people were. They always thought that it was forced upon me or I belonged to a backward family from some small village. They would be really surprised when I used to tell them what a strong educational family background I had. So, talking about why you wear the hijab and what importance it has is also an excellent way to overcome social anxiety.

4. Be Trendy

You don’t need to be boring or wear the hijab like an old woman. There are so many different hijab styles and hijab prints in the market. There are so many hijab accessories you can choose from. From magnetic hijab pins to stylish kimonos, there are so many things you can pair with your hijab.
You can choose from jersey hijab, luxury hijabs, printed hijabs and chiffon hijabs. The choices are limitless. The hijab looks good with jeans, skirts, dress shirts and even sweaters. You just need to know which style to wear with which dress.

Beautiful Hijab5. Pray

Whenever you are worried or facing any anxiety, pray to Allah. Whenever you turn to Allah, you get unmatched confidence. Pray for guidance and strength to help you keep on the right path and fulfil what is demanded from you.
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