Who we are



Created by two women homemakers, Hijab Square started out of the frustrating lack of modest clothing options in the fashion industry. However, like many others, we found one too many holes in undesirable places in every garment we found. If the design was modest, the fabric would be see-through. If we managed to find something with practical design and comfortable material, the product range would be too narrow to choose from. We would end up with Hijabs we didn’t really like, but had to settle for. That too, at exorbitant prices. In hopes of closing the gap of the unavailability of high-quality yet inexpensive hijabs and modest wear, we launched Hijab Square. We offer a range of hijabs made from both premium quality jersey and chiffon fabrics as well as hijab magnet options that are the ultimate, fuss-free alternative to traditional pins


Hijab Square is your one-stop solution to finding modest cardigans, high quality hijabs, and accessories. Our trendy, breathable cardigans/kimonos with fine satin finish go perfectly with any outfit, while our Hijabs come in a multitude of great colors that are beautiful, versatile, durable, and suitable for any occasion . We use high quality fabrics that retain their colors even if they are washed hundreds of times, easy to wear without any extra effort to wrap it around the head or to keep it there. In addition, we focus on durability, and we ensure that our products can be worn anywhere, without having to worry about weight, breathability, dealing with wrinkles or anything similar.

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