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There are so many hijab styles that you can wear long hijabs or instant hijabs. There are many chic styles that round-faced ladies can try. But, how do you know your face is round? If you have fullness below your cheekbones and a wide hairline, your face is oval/round. Many hijab wraps and hijab styles suit this face cut.

4 Best Hijab Styles for Round Face Shape

1. Turban Style Hijab

One of the most worn hijab styles includes the turban style hijab. This style looks good on any face shape but accentuates a round face the most. It has been adapted from the African culture. It is worn with several pleats that further enhance your features. Even non-Muslim women are wearing it as a fashion statement.

Turban Hijab StyleThe turban style hijab is achieved with long hijabs. Premium hijabs give an excellent hold to the turban and the tight grip adds an excellent structural illusion to the round face and will make it more defined. The advantages are limitless. Your jawlines look softer and you can rock the look with an elegant pair of earrings. The turban looks good both as a formal and casual hijab style.

2. The Loose Hijab Style

Some women are reluctant to try to turban look. They worry that their round face will look more round. Whereas this is not true! The loose hijab is a modern and popular design that women of all ages can wear comfortably. Again, this looks good on all face shapes.

Loose Hijab StyleThe trick to a perfectly covered loose hijab is to wear an under cap. The silk hijab paired with silk under cap hijab looks perfectly. The under cap also works in covering the hair that can be exposed if you wear a loose hijab. You have to keep it a little loose from the jaw. This will soften the jawline and won’t give a sharp look to the face. You can try this style with lightweight hijabs, chiffon hijabs and premium jersey hijabs.

3. The Parisian Knot

Hijab does not need to be boring or monotonous. Girls are giving a modern twist to the traditional style of hijabs. This is mostly due to many different hijab styles that have come into the market. The Parisian knot is also a modern and creative version of the tucked-in hijab.

Black HijabsThis look is achieved best when you use printed hijabs. You can tie a beautiful knot on the side or in the middle. This depends on how adventurous you can be. In this way, the attention is diverted from your jawline and goes to the top. This adds a lot of dimension to a round face. This style looks good for official meetings, corporate events and anywhere you want to look smart and stylish.

4. Flowy Hijab

A very quick and easy style to do is the flowy hijab. For this, you need to pin the hijab below your chin and wrap it all around the face. Keep one strand longer than the other one. Adding pleats inside the hijab is the key to a perfect, flowy hijab. This style goes well with several clothes. You can wear it with sweaters, long skirts and jeans. It is a very versatile style.

Flowy Hijab StyleAs you can see that the Hijab is something that looks good on women with any face cut. The reason why some women don’t feel pretty or confident in carrying the hijab is that they don’t wear the right style of hijab. So, if you have a round face, choose from the above-mentioned 4-styles.

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