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What Do You Need to Know About Hijab?

If you are at the beginning of your journey of devotion and modesty as a hijabi, you might be looking for how you can wear a hijab in the most efficient and elegant way. We are here to help! Wearing a hijab can be super simple and easy. Moreover, the more practice you get the easier and quicker you’ll get at it! While there may be countless sources online on how you can do that, we will guide you through an uber simple step-by-step regimen that you can follow every day.

There are a number of ways you can wear your hijab. We will outline the method of wrapping for a common style that’s not only easy to do but is also super stylish! It’s also adequately modest, as it covers your neck and ears fully.

This method can be used with any standard hijab of any fabric. You can opt for chiffon hijabs, for a more sophisticated finish that is super versatile and is appropriate for both casual as well as formal occasions. They are crease-proof and highly durable. Chiffon hijabs are super delicate and its natural drape makes it perfect to be worn with classic, feminine attire.

You can also use this method with jersey hijabs. Simply skip the step for wearing the under scarf! They are opaque enough with adequate grip, to not need an under scarf. For this reason, Beautiful jersey hijabs are a quick and convenient option, that’s great for everyday wear, to look effortlessly put together in a little amount of time. Working women that are always out and about love jersey hijabs for that same reason. Practicality and convenience without having to compromise on style!

Many of the products mentioned here are available on Hijab Square’s online store; your one-stop shopping destination for all your hijab wearing needs!

Here’s what you need

1 x Hijab Square hijab (of either chiffon or jersey material)
1 x pair of Hijab Square no-snag hijab magnets
1 x under scarf

Moving on to the method, follow the below mentioned steps on how to wear a hijab, in a few easy steps!

Step #1

Pull your hair into a bun and secure it with one of Hijab Square’s hair scrunchies, available in two sizes, accommodating all volume preferences and hair lengths. You may choose to wrap your hair in a bun that’s high-sitting for added volume.


Step #2

Now, put on your under scarf. An under scarf helps support your hair bun and makes your sheer chiffon numbers look more opaque. Jersey mesh under scarves are popular given their durability, adjustability and stretch ability, meaning they’ll last you a long time and fit you despite any changes in your hair length.

Step #3

It’s time to put on your hijab. Drape it over your head, with the material draping over either side of your head, over both of your shoulders, leaving more material on one side than the other. You may choose to leave a little bit of your under scarf showing, or opt to cover it fully for a more minimal and sleek look.

Step #4

Gather two points of the edge of the material from both sides close to your chin and pin it with one of our no-snag hijab magnets. Lightly fold in the material on the long side so the seam is not visible. Thereby, wrap it comfortably tight, around your neck and over your ear (on the opposite side, which is now covered by the other side of the material) and over your head. Bring that end of the hijab forward, to drape it over the shoulder of the same side as you started.

Step #5

Wrap the material closely around your ear on the same side and bring it close to your jaw-line. Pin it on to the first layer of material, with another one of our no-snag hijab magnets. Pin your hijab just underneath your jaw, it will be barely visible, for a super chic, seamless finish. Drape the loose end of the material over to the back of the opposite side’s shoulder.

Step #6

Last but not least, tuck the remaining end of the material (the shorter side from the 3rd step) into your top. Make sure it’s smooth underneath your blouse or shirt, without any obvious lumps for a neat result.

Voila! There you have it! Your super minimal, yet elegantly stylish hijab style that you can wear to any occasion, with any fabric type and any outfit. Now that you know how to wear a hijab, you can show up anywhere, confidently in your modest outfit, having to barely put in any effort. Hijab Sqaure hopes this was easy to follow and that we could help you in any way[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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