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You know the meaning of the Hijab and what it truly reflects. You want to wear it and incorporate it into your daily life. You still aren’t sure how to, or what material to use, or what to look for before wearing a hijab, or even how to wear it properly. We have everything covered up for you here, regardless of what stage you’re at! So don’t get overwhelmed, we’ve got you covered!The Best Hijab

Wearing a hijab: Things you should consider

Selecting Hijab Material
The first thing you should look for is what material suits you; it depends on the season. You might want to choose from jersey hijabs, chiffon hijabs, or so many different types of accessories available on Hijab Square. Check the season for your country, and choose the material accordingly.
For example, you get cotton hijab or linen hijab for summer and pashmina hijab for winters, or get an all-season hijab! You would also want to wear a different than regular hijab at an event or when hanging out with your friends or at weddings and whatnot. Getting the perfect hijab for the occasion makes the occasion even more joyful

Choosing a Hijab style for your face shape

Next, you should consider your face shape and match it with the infinite hijab styles available online. It’s just like looking for an outfit for yourself, considering what suits you and what doesn’t, for example, Turkish style for a round face shape, etc.

How to secure a hijab? No-snag hijab magnets or hijab pins

You can wear the hijab with or without hijab pins, use no-snag magnets to avoid using hijab pins, with or without an underscarf/underhijab cap. You can choose your style however you want, keeping in mind the real meaning of the hijab; depending on your lifestyle.
If you are a student, you might want to secure your hijab with no-snag hijab magnets to avoid fixing it all the time during your hectic days. If you’re attending a wedding, you might want to keep it loose; it all depends on the occasion, the lifestyle, and your choice.

A Guide to Wearing the Hijab in Four Steps

Alright! You’ve made your choice and might want to experiment with different styles like wearing a modest cardigan with a chiffon hijab, or wearing a long dress but let’s first go through the steps of wearing a hijab.

First Step: Make Sure the Hair is Dry

First, make sure your hair is dry so that you can easily manage your desired hijab style. Wearing a hijab on damp hair will prevent the hair from drying and might be uncomfortable.

Second Step: Tie Your Hair

The next step is to tie your hair in a ponytail, braid, or bun using a hijab scrunchie. Your hair can be pulled back into any style, but don’t tie it too tightly. You must secure your hair so that it does not fall out of your hijab onto your face or all over your neck.
If you use velvet scrunchies to tie your hair, it will be very comfortable and will not cause any headache. Different sizes of scrunchies can be used for different hair length, or if you want to give your hijab a boost or a puffy look. Clip up short hair strands and bangs away from the face securing them in place.Hijab

Third Step: Wearing a underscarf

Wearing an underscarf/underhijab cap is the third step. Each type is worn differently and gives a different amount of coverage. Wear what suits your style. For more comfort and neatness, you can also secure it in place by no-snag magnets.
It will provide more coverage and help to hold your hair back; it will also prevent letting the hijab slip off your silky hair and keeping it in place. Either choose a full plain underscarf, turban style underhijab cap, a bonnet cap for complete hair coverage, or lastly, choose a tube underscarf for hair coverage.

Fourth step: Wearing a Hijab

In the fourth step, arrange the hijab so that one side is long and the other short. Fold over the shorter side to make it narrower. Put the folded edge over your underscarf and align it over your forehead. Smooth the sides down along your face, and then bring the sides to your chin. By securing it with a no-snag magnet, you will cover your hair and temples.

You would also want the hijab not too close to your eyebrows and not too further away; just set it how comfortable it is for you. If it’s a delicate material that might tear by the safety pin if stretched, you would want to avoid using it. In this case using no-snag hijab magnets is suitable to avoid any damage to the delicate material.

No-snag Hijab Magnet

Instead, pinch your fingers holding the two sides and wrap the longer side of the hijab with the other hand, or simply secure it with a no-snag hijab magnet, forgetting all worries of the material being torn, come on, be carefree! An inspiration could be wearing a modest cardigan with chiffon Hijab, securing your hair with a velvet scrunchie.

Bring both sides to the front, wrap the longer side over your head, and keep layering it. Most likely, there will be two or three layers depending on the length of the hijab. Till the shorter side meets the size of the longer side, secure it using no-snag magnets.

As soon as you know the simplest way to wear a hijab, you will start wearing it. It will take some time to adjust. Hijab can be worn in so many different ways. With so many beautiful techniques available, you would want to change styles and experiment with them.
The final word is to be confident because you know what you stand for. No matter what anyone says, it is your choice, and you are beyond satisfied with it, and that is what counts. Good luck with your hijab journey with Hijab Square![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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