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As modern Muslim Women, our Hijab is not just an obligation we are fulfilling for Allah Almighty. Women like me want to carry our individuality along with us. Being fashionable within the limit of modesty is permissible in Islam and that is what women want nowadays.

Just like Muslim women, the Hijab has come a long way. Scarves are now being adorned by Muslims and other women alike. Big fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, H&M, Macy’s and Debenhams all have their range of scarves. Not only this, the many Hijab accessories make wearing the hijab so much easier.

How to Wear a Hijab?

The most common form of wearing a hijab is to pin it up. Yes, Hijab pins make the top of the list when it comes to hijab accessories. Many people can’t wear hijab pins. There are multiple reasons for this. The biggest issue I face was when my delicate and soft hijab got ruined with the pins. It was my favorite which I got when I went on my vacation.
This made me dig around and I found many ways in which to wear a hijab without pins. Out of these ways, the 7 most fashionable and easy-to-do ones are discussed below.

7 Ways to Wear a Hijab without Pins

1. Wear an Under Cap

One of the easiest and smartest ways to wear a hijab without pins is to wear a cap underneath it. You can find a range of under caps and under scarves to choose from. This method also makes the Hijab look more fashionable.
If you just wear the hijab and wrap it on your head, it is going to slip down. The hair texture does not let the hijab stay on. Wearing an under cap makes a non-slipper base and even the lightweight hijabs don’t slip.Hijab Cap

2. Use Hijab Magnets

If you are not a pin person, go for hijab magnets. They work well for both heavy and lightweight hijabs. No more worrying about headscarf pins pinching you here and there. The hijab magnets do the same thing without causing the injury of any sort. The best Hijab magnets are available online on Hijab Square, the best online head scarf store. Do check them out here.Hijab Magnets

3. Dangle the Cloth over Your Shoulder

You can also wear the hijab just like you cover your head with a dupatta. You can wear an under cap and drape the Hijab over it. Bring one end on one shoulder and the other end on the other shoulder. In this way, the extra cloth will be dangling over your shoulders. This is best for lightweight hijabs. It works well with extra-long hijabs too.Dangle Hijab over shoulder

4. Tie the Hijab Behind Your Neck

If you want to wear a hijab without pins, you can also tie it behind your neck. You can also tie a knot near your ears. There are different variations and experimenting with this style is going to look cool.Tie Hijab Behind the Neck

5. The Merry-go-Round Style

This is one effortless style you must try. All you need is to keep one side of the hijab shorter than the other when you wear the hijab. Tuck the shorter side in near the chin. Now, the longer side will go over your neck and you are good to go!Marry go round style hijab

6. The Turkish Style Hijab

Fold your hijab in a triangle. The longest side of the hijab should be near your face. Hold both the ends and wrap them around your neck. Tie a knot when the ends are behind your neck. The rest of the hijab can go inside your shirt to give a neat look.Turkish Hijab Style

7. Knot in Front

Instead of tying the knot of the scarf behind your neck, you can tie the knot in front. This style looks amazing if you are coupling it with a sweater or jacket. The rest of the scarf can dangle in front or go inside the jacket/sweater.Knot in front Hijab Style

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