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O Prophet, tell your daughters and wives and all the women of the belief that they should let the jalabib down on them (33:59)

The jalabib is the outer garment that women wear. This shows that covering up properly is mandatory in Islam. I have seen many women inculcating this idea of hijab earlier on. Many little girls are wearing small hijabs. Hats off to these women who are instilling these values earlier on!

Hijabs for TeenagerNot all women are so lucky. Growing up in a non-Muslim country, it does become very difficult when our daughters don’t have that environment around them. Finding stores that have women’s hijabs for sale is another issue that we will come to later.

5 Tips to Develop Love for Hijab in Teenage Muslim Girls

1. Be a Role Model

We have all been hearing this for quite some time. Children are influenced by actions more than words. You can keep telling them to do something and they will do it only when they see you do it too. So, walk the talk.
Be a role model for your teenage girls. If you want them to wear the hijab, wear one yourself. They will be ready to wear hijabs more happily if they see people wearing one around them.
Growing up in a Muslim-dominated country is something else. In the West, girls are surrounded by actors, pop stars, influencers, and teen icons. This is why you need to be the role model you are looking for your daughter.

Beautiful Islamic Clothing2. Find Similar People

A man is known by the company he keeps. Again, this is true. Social acceptance is something teenagers crave today. They don’t want to be the odd one out. They like fitting in. So, if your teenage daughter does not have a friend or peer who takes a hijab, she might give you a difficult time.
The trick is to make her see that it is socially acceptable behavior. You could start by taking her to the mosque where women cover their heads. Many awareness programs help girls. She can meet new hijabi and make friends.

3. Early Start

I used to get angry at women who would have very young children wearing the hijab. Why would you force them to do so? Now when I think of it, I think that was the right decision.
It is important to start early. The ready-to-wear hijabs which we can find are so much fun to try. Daughters love playing with the hijabs when they are young. Let them wear one to Quran class or on Eid. If they start early, they will be comfortable with it.

4. Good Quality of Jersey and Chiffon Hijab

You have no idea how important the material is. I have seen many teenagers complain that they end up sweating and smelling bad in a hijab. Moreover, they are unable to keep it on all day long.
The trick is to choose the material wisely. The best hijabs include a jersey hijab set or chiffon hijab sets. Easy-to-wear hijabs are also important. You will see that most Luxury Hijabs are made of breathable material that allows air to pass.

Online Abaya5. Let them Pick Luxury Hijabs

It is high time that we realize wearing a hijab does not have to be boring. Hijab fashion is a thing. Hijabs don’t need to be black, white, and beige anymore. Some of the best hijab stores have a huge variety to choose from.
If you are looking for a wide range of hijabs, visit the Best Hijab Store Online Near me – The Hijab Square. You and your daughter both are going to love it. Here, you can find different hijab styles and hijab designs to choose from. Girls love experimenting and we have the right range for them. There are patterned Hijabs, silk hijabs, and many more options available.

Our hijab range has been made keeping in mind the convenience and fun element. Girls love our silver hijabs and golden hijabs the most. We can promise you will find something for your daughter (and yourself).
Visit the hijab store online today and start buying![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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