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The 19-year-old Muslim girl from India became a social media and international news sensation when her college video went viral a few days ago.
The clip vivaciously showed the young girl clad in a hijab outfit and reflected her strong determination, courage, and unlimited resolve to stand by her commitment to wearing a hijab even amid the escalating row over Muslim headscarves and hijabs in India.

Hijab Culture and its Relevance in Women’s Clothing

Hijab is an Islamic headscarf worn by women to practice the act of modesty and simplicity. It is a way of safeguarding your own personal privacy and has been embraced by many other religions as well.
Muslim women all over the world adorn different types of hijab as an essential part of their casual as well as formal dressings.
There is no strict definition of the concept of hijab in the Muslim community. Therefore it is expressed variedly by different sects and groups of the Muslim world.Beautiful Cardigans
It is more of a personal choice and a cultural preference than a religious obligation. It is a foremost requirement for offering prayers and worshipping. Also, it has now become a strong display of identity for Muslim immigrants living across the globe.
Different governments consider hijab coverings and headscarves differently. Some offer restrictions while others let people practice freedom of expression and religion.
Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran require women to wear hijabs in public gatherings. Still, many countries do not either restrict or require hijab-wearing by women.

The Hijab Lifestyle is an Inspirational Fashion Statement

Putting aside the two restrictive countries, there is no obligation on Muslim women to wear hijabs.
In fact, the majority of the hijab wearers choose to wear it willingly. Their love for this amazing head scarf acts an inspiration for others like them who are free to make a choice when and how they want to wear a hijab.

Fashionable Hijab Trends are Fast Gaining Popularity

Worldwide hijab has become more of a fashion accessory. Irrespective of whether you are a Muslim hijabi or a non-Muslim, wearing a stylish headscarf can add much-needed panache and uniqueness to your daily outfit.
There are different types of fashion hijabs available in the market these days. Varying in materials, shapes, and sizes, you can style them in a diverse variety of ways.

Different Types of Hijabs by Hijab Square

Hijab Square is a premium online store that offers a one-stop shopping solution to all your modest outfit needs. From cardigans to luxury hijabs to modest swimwear and accessories, they offer a huge variety of trendy and stylish products.

• Modest Chiffon Hijabs

Made from premium quality and 100% pure fabric, the modest chiffon hijabs are thin, soft, and airy. Available in neutral and light colors, add a touch of simplicity and class to your head covering.
Wearable in all types of weather, the chiffon hijabs are suitable for all types of formal occasions.Stylish Hijabs

• Bright Colorful Chiffon Hijabs

If you are someone who likes to go beyond simplicity and modesty, then choose vibrantly colored and bright-toned chiffon hijabs for your special outlook.
Available in a variety of dark and bold colors, you can pair them nicely with different outfits of your choice.

• Jersey Hijabs

Jersey Hijabs are much more comfortable and convenient to wear. They are made from high-quality jersey material that is stretchable, soft, wrinkle-free, and durable. It does not lose its finesse and attractive appeal even if you wash it over and over again.
Available in a wide range of colors, you can style it easily and quickly for the best modest outlook for your daily routine.

Final Words

Wearing a hijab or headscarf, of any kind, is a matter of personal choice. So, every woman must have the right to exercise the power of freedom of expression in any way she likes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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