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These lovely pieces of material, wrapped around the head of the Muslim women and concealing the hair, have to say a lot about the fashion industry. The practice of wearing a variety of hijab styles draws attention to a woman’s natural beauty by concealing something that society considers essential for women to appear beautiful–their hairstyle.

Why Do Muslim Women Wear Hijab?

As for the term “hijab,” it alludes to the Islamic concept of modesty and refers to “curtaining” or “hiding. “Now that it’s become so common to use a headband to cover your hair, it’s a good thing. Muslim women wear different hijab styles as a means of fulfilling God’s commandment to preserve their modesty.

Why Instant Jersey Hijab?

The instant jersey hijab has a natural stretch to its lightweight knit fabric, allowing it to keep its shape while also allowing it to adjust. This versatile jersey hijab is an excellent fit for all your everyday necessities because of its low-maintenance nature. Dress it up or down according to the occasion.

Chocolate Brown Jersey Hijab Tutorial

In order to help you out, we’ve provided a tutorial of two hijab wrap styles that you can try. So here is your chocolate brown jersey hijab tutorial, so you can learn how to wear a hijab wrap style properly.

Style 1

Step 1: Frame the hijab around your face as you like, ensuring to hold one facet shorter than the alternative. Pin it below your chin to stable.
Step 2: Take the shorter facet and wrap it backward over your head.
Step 3: Take the longer facet of your brown jersey hijab, and wrap it with the identical course you took the shorter facet. Layer it over your head.
Step 4: Using a small protection pin, stabilize the pinnacle of your chocolate brown hijab with the aid of pinning the layers to every other.
Step 5: leave the long side of your stretchy hijab as it is.
Final look: Perfect for an ordinary, cool, and informal appearance!Instant Jersey Hijab Wearing

Style 2

1: Take your rectangular instant jersey hijab. Place it on your head. Arrange it properly.
2: Make sure to hold one facet shorter than the other one. Now bring both the facets of your Instant Hijab to your back. And pin them at the back of your head.

3: Bring both the facets to the front, after which take the longer facet and wrap it around your neck.

4: pin it properly below your chin.

5: now take the remaining portion of the long facet that you have wrapped around your head, and pin it at the back of your head.

Final look: A lovely neck-wrap to raise any appearance!Dangle Hijab over Shoulder

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