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The internet is full of tutorials on how to wear a hijab. Today, we will talk about how you can carry the hijab perfectly. If you accept it with your mind, body and soul, it will become as easy as a breeze to wear the hijab.
The first thing you need to do is to make up your mind about why you want to wear the hijab. Do you want to do it because you want to please God? Are you doing it because it is a tradition? Are you under some pressure? If you are clear in your mind that you are doing it for the sake of Allah the Almighty, carrying the hijab will become easier for you.

Stylish Hijabs

This is preparing your body for wearing the hijab. Are you going to start with a printed hijab or go for a luxury hijab? What type of hijab will look good with long skirts or pants? For a newbie, the best option is to look for online hijab shops that have a wide range of hijabs as well as modest clothes. You can easily select an outfit along with a hijab with it.
Once your mind, body and soul are ready to wear a hijab, you can flaunt it effortlessly.

4 Tips to Carry a Hijab Perfectly

1. Dry Your Hair and Tie It

The biggest mistake many first-time hijabi women make is they tie their wet or semi-wet hair under the hijab. This might not seem a problem at first, but as the day passes and sweat builds up, the dampness is going to cause severe itching. This can leave you very irritable. So, the first thing is to be comfortable under the hijab. Always wear the hijab on fully dry hair.
I would suggest not wearing the hijab with open hair unless your hair is very short. Always secure it in a low bun, ponytail or with hair clips.

Colorful Hijab2. Wear an Under cap

Under caps make wearing the hijab very easy. Moreover, the caps can also further secure your hair for a smoother fit. If you search online, there are all types of under caps available for hijabs from simple ones to silk under cap hijab. They also work to keep the hijab in place. Some materials like jersey hijab and stretchy hijabs might slip off the hair if worn directly.

3. Use Pins

When I started the hijab, securing it with pins used to be my worst nightmare. Being the clumsy teenager I was, I would always poke myself with a pin. Luckily, magnetic hijab pins have been introduced which are safe. The normal safety pins or hijab pins might even leave holes in your luxury hijabs and premium chiffon hijabs. What a waste, right?

4. Be Confident  About Perfect Hijab

You could be wearing the perfect hijab perfectly and still not be comfortable if you are not confident. Hijabi women need to understand that there might be days the hijab opens or you lose a pin. The key is not to panic. You can always wrap up the hijab and walk tall! The trick is to be confident. If you are happy with what you are wearing, you will carry it flawlessly and effortlessly.

Brown Hijabs
The best thing about the hijab is that there is so much choice to experiment with. On Hijab Square, the best hijab store online, there are so many hijabs to choose from. You can go with some of the boldest colors like mulberry, chocolate brown hijab, plum etc. On the other hand, you have lighter tones to choose from like powder pink, wisteria and storm gray.
There is something for everyone. So, if you are a new hijabi, do check out the website and choose a hijab for every occasion.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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